Required Summer Reading Lists!

Looking for your required summer reading lists? We’ve got you covered!

Tips for getting your required reading done in time:

1. Start early- Don’t wait too long because books are in short supply the closer you get to the start of school.

2. Review the list- Check out the books that are on the list and pick your favorites and a few back ups.

3.  Put them on hold-  Search for the books you want now and place them on hold.  You have a better chance of getting the one you want this way.  How to Place a Hold

4. Try Audiobooks- Having a hard time reading a play or a longer book?  Try listening to it on an audiobook!  You can download some to your cellphone or mobile device and listen while you do other things like mowing the lawn and other chores.

Start your search today on our online catalog. 

Abington Heights School District


Carbondale Area School District


Dunmore School District


Mid Valley School District

Mid-Valley Secondary Center  PDF or Online Catalog

North Pocono School District


Private/Parochial Schools:

Scranton Prep Online Catalog

Freshman PDF, Sophomore PDF, Junior PDF, Senior PDF

Scranton School District:

6th, 7th and 8th Grade PDF  or Online Catalog

Valley View School District: 

Valley View High School Honors PDF  or Online Catalog

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