Blind Date with a Book!

Blind Date 8Do you often judge a book by its cover? (It’s okay – I think we all do). If you do, consider going on a blind date with a book! The staff at the Valley Community Library has wrapped up some books in its collection and each one has its own personal ad to tell you what it’s looking for in a reader.

Once you’ve found “the one,” take it to the front desk and check it out! Don’t unwrap the book until you bring it home. And don’t forget to take a Rate Your Date form. Was it a total disaster? Or love at first read? Just tell us how your date was and you’ll be entered to win a small prize!

And hey, if the date was a total disaster – no worries! Bring your date back to the library and peruse the personal ads again! Sometimes it takes going through a lot of duds before finding that stud! 😉

Blind Date 6                             Blind Date 4

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