March Madness!

Are you ready for March Madness at the Valley Community Library!? I’m sure many of you are aware of Cabin Fever, our winter reading club. Well, this year we decided to switch things up and make it even easier for you! Beginning March 1st, you can get these handouts from your local library:

(Click on images to enlarge)

 March Madness handout front                               March Madness handout back
(front)                                                                         (back)




 1. Read 3 books.

 2. Check off which categories those books belong in.

 3. Fill in your personal information

 4. Turn in your form.

 5. Voila! You’re entered for prizes!


It really is that easy! This is a great way for you to try reading something different than you normally might. And, the added bonus of a chance to win prizes simply by doing what you already love to do: READ!



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