Cook Up Your Best for the Community

There’s still time to be a participant as a community cook for the upcoming Tasting by the Book III: All Around the Table. Applications can be found at the library or online and will be accepted until September 21st. 

Cook up your best recipe for the community members for this event. Community cook spots are now open for our annual “Tasting By The Book” signature fundraiser. The event will occur on Saturday, October 21 from 7-9 PM. Cooks need only to supply 100 small bites of their dish – whether it be an appetizer, entrée, soup, or dessert. There will be live music, a bar, and lots of fun, interesting food.

You can view our Facebook video here to see our staff members, Renee and Laura, cook up a recipe together. It’s that simple and you’ll help make this event a success one bite at a time.

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