Front Entrance Closed for Renovations, Please Use Side Entrance or Elevator

The front entrance to the Albright Memorial Library will be temporarily closed starting September 12th as renovations are done to the entrance. We will make a second announcement when the front entrance reopens.

The elevator will be open to access the library, which can be found in the walkway between the library and the Scranton Cultural Center.

The side staff entrance will also be available to the public during open hours.  The staff entrance is located in Dix Court.

The Periodicals Room in the Reference Department at the Albright Memorial Library will be temporarily closed, beginning on Monday, October 2, 2017 for renovations.

Printing, faxing, and making copies will still be available to patrons. Microfilm machines and computers will be available in the Reference Room.

Patrons may also use the elevator to access the Reference Department.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we renovate the library!

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