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No further applications will be accepted. Thank you for your interest.


Please apply by submitting your resume and cover letter addressing the specific requirements of the position to

Abington Community Library

Job Description – Circulation Clerk Plus

Because of the nature of work in a small public library, with periods of heavy activity at unpredictable times, each staff member, while having specific duties, must be aware of and able to perform many of the duties of other staff members in order to offer assistance to library users.  Recognizing this, the job description that follows describes only the major responsibilities of the position.

Under the supervision and direction of the Head of Circulation, circulation clerks in this position are responsible for:

  • Charging materials to library users;
  • Discharging returned material and preparing it for return to the shelves and/or other member and district libraries;
  • Assisting patrons in choosing reading material or in locating information when Readers Services is not staffed;
  • Becoming proficient in the use of the Lackawanna County Library System’s circulation system and on-line public access catalog;
  • Registering new library users and introducing them to the library, catalog, and online digital services;
  • Placing holds on library material;
  • Assisting in the return of material to library shelves as needed;
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Head of Circulation or Director including programming for all ages, collection development of a particular area, various social media platforms, and community outreach.

Experience and training

High school graduate with at least one year of successful work experience.  Some college or library experience is desirable.  The ability to work cooperatively with library staff, the ability to project a courteous, helpful attitude toward library users, and good communications skills are needed in this position. It is necessary to have computer and typing skills with knowledge of current computer technology, Internet, Microsoft Office, and databases.

Physical demands:  Circulation clerks spend close to 100% of their time on the job standing or moving about the circulation area, moving heavy book trucks to other parts of the library, and bending and stretching to return material to shelves.

Other requirements of the position: Ongoing professional development including attendance at workshops and conferences. Working one evening per week. Working one Saturday per month. Working Sundays as part of a staff rotation. Skill set, talent, and interest for researching, preparing, and facilitating craft and book based programs as well as passive programs for youths (toddler to teen).

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