Albright Memorial Library Expects to Reopen in February

The Albright Memorial Library building expects to reopen late February. At this time, we do not have a specific date as contractors continue work to complete the renovations.

While most of the renovations have been completed, our public restrooms are still in the process of being renovated. The ceiling, flooring, and plumbing in the restrooms have been completed, and we are now waiting for the counters, radiator covers, and mirrors, which should come in to be installed during the week of January 28.

The last two pieces of the renovations to come in include new treads for the stairs leading up to the reference department and the new circulation desk. Since the circulation desk is being custom-made for the library, this project has taken more time.

Until we open, library services will continue next door at the Lackawanna County Children’s Library.

Public restrooms received LED mirrors and new sinks on Monday, January 29, 2018. Old circulation area will receive a new circulation desk. Once installed, new flooring will be added. Across from the circulation desk. This area will get new flooring too once the new desk is in. New treads will replace the old ones pictured above. These stairs lead to the reference department.
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