Recent Memorials and Honorariums Recognized

Memorials and donations ‘in honor of’ have been established over recent months for individuals listed below. Donations generally go directly into our Endowment Fund, creating a legacy for the future of this Library.  From now until May 5, 2017, all donations will go into our Scranton Area Foundation NEPA Match Day collection, #nepamatchday, with the opportunity to match, dollar for dollar, funds donated to this Library. Other local nonprofits participating in this initiative can be found by scrolling to the bottom.

We thank those that have made contributions. If you wish to contribute in this fashion, forms are available at the circulation desk or you may use an online form found here

As of April 1, 2017

In Memory Of:

Robbie Lundberg

Mary Janet Heise

Stephanie Turetsky

Patricia Ann Subasic

As of December 31, 2016

In Honor Of:

Paul Keeler

Keith Eckel

In Memory Of:

Lois J. Jones

David Scribner

Frank Davison

Martha McCawley

Clara Howell

Mary Kay Glynn

Mary Edna Harber Harrison

Lisa Krivickas


As of September 30, 2016

In Honor Of:

Hayden Yuiko

Nancy Srebro-Johnson

In Memory Of:

Mrs. Florence G. Brown

Donald Drake

Midge Kulp

John Whitig, Jr

Linda DiPaolo

As of June30 2016


Yuiko Hayden

Nancy Johnson-Srebro


Mrs. Florence G. Brown

Donald Drake

Midge Kulp

As of April 2016


Iva Josephine Giardinelli


Hilda Scott Fox

John A. Whitig, JR

Sheila Sheilds

Timothy Horan

These are the NEPA Match Day nonprofits you will be helping:

1. Abington Community Library Give here!
2. AFA Gallery Give here!
3. Alzheimer’s Association Give here!
4. Boys & Girls Clubs of NEPA Give here!
5. Children’s Advocacy Center of NEPA Give here!
6. Dress for Success Lackawanna Give here!
7. Greater Carbondale YMCA Give here!
8. Greater Scranton YMCA Give here!
9. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Give here!
10. Jewish Family Service of NEPA Give here!
11. Lacawac Sanctuary Field Station and Environmental Education Center Give here!
12. Lackawanna Historical Society Give here!
13. Make-a-Wish Greater PA & WV Give here!
14. Marley’s Mission Give here!
15. Maternal & Family Health Services Give here!
16. Meals on Wheels of NEPA Give here!
17. Northeast Regional Cancer Institute Give here!
18. Scranton Cultural Center Give here!
19. Scranton Fringe Festival Give here!
20. The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania Give here!
21. The Greenhouse Project Give here!
22. United Neighborhood Centers Give here!
23. Valley Community Library Give here!
24. West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch Give here!
25. Women’s Resource Center Give here!

All gifts received by the Scranton Area Community Foundation for NEPA Match Day will be divided equally between our 25 nonprofit partners. If you would like to support one (or several) specific nonprofits, please donate directly to the nonprofit of your choice.