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Having Fun Racing Balloons!

This week, children met at the Nancy Kay Holmes Library to complete a fun science activity – racing balloons!

To race balloons, we used yarn, straws, tape, and of course balloons!

Here’s what we did…

First, we cut a piece of yarn about 6 feet long. Then we threaded the straw through the end of this yarn.

Next came time for the balloons! After blowing up the balloon (not tying the end) we taped the balloon to the straw and let go.

You wouldn’t believe what happened!


bal1   bal2

bal4   bal3

As the air escaped out of the balloon, the force propelled the balloon in the other direction!

Because of this force, the balloon flew across the string like a rocket!

Thanks for joining me for another fun event at your library,

Miss Amber

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