Nature Nick Visits the Library!

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This week, our young patrons at The Nancy Kay Holmes Library and Library Express had a special visitor – Nature Nick! Nature Nick came to visit us all the way from Long Island, New York and he brought some of his friends along for the ride. During a very special exotic animal show, we got to meet a hedgehog, a South American raccoon, a legless lizard, a baby alligator, a baby owl, a wallaby, and Cheesecake the snake!

alligator                               owl       

                                          Baby Alligators are so cute!                                                      This baby owl hasn’t learned to fly yet!

snake                                austin

                               Nature Nick needed our help with Cheesecake!                                               Official Alligator handlers!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and visiting us for this exciting event. I sure did have fun and I hope you did too! Don’t forget to visit the Nancy Kay Holmes Library on Wednesday, July 30th at 5:30PM to see more animals from the Zoomobile!

See you at the Library,

Miss Amber

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