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Book Reviews and Ratings

Share your thoughts on your books you’ve recently read with other readers!

The online catalog has features that help you discover similar books on a favorite topic,  find new titles and help find the perfect book for your research.   You can also write reviews on books to share with other readers in Lackawanna County and throughout the country.

You can use all these features from the library’s catalog. Ready to get started? First find a title that you wish to learn more about or one that you want to write a book review by searching the catalog.

When you’re looking at the specific information for a title you’ll see a few different options.

1. Customer Reviews- Check out what other people had to say about the book or write your comments

2. Other Editions-  Want to listen to the book on audio or perhaps download it to your phone? Check out the other editions to see what your options are.

3. Similar Books- Check out books that are in the same series, by the same other or a discover new titles that have a similar theme or plot.

4. Tags- Browse for new titles based on the keywords that other readers have decided describe the book.  You can discover tons of new books or even better search terms by looking at the tags.

5. Categories- Discover similar books that cover those same topics or themes based on how the library categorized the book.



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