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Shark Week @ the Library

Registration Required

Sharks are coming to the Library, but don’t worry. It’s just a traveling exhibit from the Everhart Museum that is sure to please kids of all ages. The hour-long program for children 5 to 8 years of age includes an interactive discussion with authentic  shark artifacts, a short story from The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library – “Hark! A Shark!: All About Sharks,” and a take-home activity. Space is limited, so please register. Here is the schedule for Shark Week @ the Library:

Monday, August 11

Nancy Kay Holmes Branch Library, 2 P.M.

 Tuesday, August 12

Dalton Community Library, 11 A.M.

Carbondale Public Library, 2 P.M.

Wednesday, August 13

North Pocono Public Library, 11 A.M.

Taylor Community Library, 2 P.M.

Thursday, August 14

Valley Community Library, 11 A.M.

Library Express, 2 P.M.

Friday, August 15

Abington Community Library, 11 A.M.

Children’s Library, 2 P.M.


If you can’t get enough of those scary denizens of the deep, the Everhart Museum has a two exhibits about them, Sharks! and Shiver of Sharks on display through Monday, September 8th. Stop by and check them out.


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