Some Things You Should Know About Your Library

Among the Busiest Places in Lackawanna County


Lackawanna County Libraries are visited more than 750,000 times each year. That makes them among the busiest places in the county.


 To the question, “What’s in your wallet?,” more than 60,000 Lackawanna County residents could answer, “A library card.”


 There are 10 libraries in the Lackawanna County Library System plus a Bookmobile and all but one of libraries are open seven days a week. That means that Lackawanna County Libraries are also among the most accessible institutions in the region.


 With over 500,000 items on their shelves, Lackawanna County libraries are very well stocked. And if what you want is at a different library, it can be delivered to your library within 48 hours.


 No matter where you live in Lackawanna County, there is a library nearby. And if the weather is bad, or it’s the middle of the night, you can still go to the library @


 Take a minute to appreciate Lackawanna County libraries. And pat yourself on the back for making them a part of your life.



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