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Saturday Book Signing with Rebecca Petrini

Saturday, November 29th from 2PM-4PM at Library Express

CaptureRebecca Petrini is the author and together with her sister, Stephanie Machiesky, co-publisher/creator of Santa Has a Wish. Rebecca has been a Spanish teacher for almost a decade and has taught learners of all ages from a pre-school to college level. She holds degrees in international business, Latin American studies, and Spanish, as well as graduate level certifications in teaching and translation. Rebecca is also a proud mother and aunt. The story of Santa Has a Wish was inspired by a profound desire to see all children reach their highest potential. As Christmas filled the air in 2013, the idea of Santa having a wish list of his own to teach his children about goodness and giving was born. The book and tradition are intended to bring the true spirit of the season to life as the children spend their December granting Santa’s wishes of love, kindness, joy and more. Rebecca and Stephanie have enjoyed every moment of bringing Santa Has a Wish to life and are very passionate about this endeavor.

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