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Ask Governor Wolf To Remember Libraries

A Man Who Likes Libraries


Lackawanna County libraries have a friend in Pennsylvania and his name is Tom Wolf. The state’s new governor signaled his support for libraries as a resident of York County where he was involved with public libraries long before he ran for office.


State funding for public libraries was cut 35 percent in 2008 and has never recovered, and though a governor has more on his plate than libraries, the Pennsylvania Library Association thinks it would be a good idea to let Gov. Wolf know that we library users see our libraries as important parts of the educational environment of our state.


Please take a few minutes to let the Governor know that libraries need his support. Pasted below is a sample message. You can copy and paste it into the link provided, or write your own message. Join thousands of library users throughout the Commonwealth in helping put our agenda on the Governor’s desk. Be sure to sign your name.


Open email link to the Governor’s Office and paste your message. Put “PA Libraries” in the subject box. Remember to sign your name.

Dear Governor Wolf:

I want to congratulate you on your election and inauguration as Governor of Pennsylvania. As a patron of the Lackawanna County Library System, I am excited to have a leader with a first-hand understanding and appreciation for the vital role of libraries in our economy, our communities, and most especially, in a thriving educational system.

As a library user, I am encouraged by your experience working closely with libraries in York County. That will serve you well as you begin to shape your education plans for success in the years ahead.  I believe—-and I trust that you do as well—-that re-emphasizing library services is a wise and integral part of any new and revitalized educational system for all of our citizens, pre-K through adult learners.  I look forward to the new chapter you will create in the history of Pennsylvania.


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