PA One Book: Number One Sam

Greg PizzoliOne Book, Every Young Child Program Goal:

To increase awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in stories among adults with preschoolers in their lives. The Lackawanna County Children’s Library invites you to meet Greg Pizzoli, author of  the 2015 PA One Book, Number One Sam!

Number One Sam is the story of Sam who is always number one–number one in speed, in turns and in finishing races.  He was number one until one day when his best friend, Maggie finished first.  Before the next race Sam could not sleep and was very nervous.  He was so nervous he got off to bad start, but he picks up speed and soon passes all the other drivers.  Then Sam finds out there are things in life that are more important than being number one.

 number one sam interior2Greg is also the author of the Watermelon Seed. He will be at the Children’s Library on Wednesday April 29 at 10AM and at Library Express at 6PM. Registration is required. Please call the Children’s Library for more information.

520 Vine Street, Scranton

570-348-3000 ext. 3015




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