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The Happiness Project Group Discussion

As of December 2014 the Abington Community Library started a pilot program based upon Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. This program is unique as it spans over one year with the same participants each month. For those unfamiliar with the format of this book, it is divided into months with specific and different areas of focus for happiness each month as determined by the author’s personal journey for “more” happiness in her life.

As a second component to this pilot program, we thought it would be fun to have a simultaneous online discussion on the same topic, happiness. Some discussion based upon the book, some based upon the concept of happiness according to other authors.

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Question: Is your happiness and your reality interdependent?


3 thoughts on “The Happiness Project Group Discussion”

  1. My happiness and my reality are most definitely interdependent. One certainly influences the other. If I make a commitment to remain positive, even a bump in the road seems to be nearly negotiable. Remaining positive keeps me thinking that I can do this.

  2. I think of myself as being a positive person. I don’t look at my glass as being half full but rather as being half full and waiting for a refill.

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