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Appreciation Celebration

ACL Appreciation Celebration 4We recently celebrated the Library’s 55th birthday by inviting all Trustees back for an Appreciation Celebration. Many of those that attended are pictured. We honored those that have served 20 years or more on the Board or staff, and volunteers that have served 10 years or more; a plaque bearing the volunteer’s names was unveiled. Attendees were invited to share a ‘fond memory’ of the Library and the memories were as varied as the people! Enjoy a walk down memory lane…

Appreciation Celebration – Fondest Memories

When I moved to Clarks Summit Area, I was so happy to find the library – because without my books, I am sunk! The Library was so inviting, Staff friendly, & for me, everything happened in the library. Leela Baikadi (Volunteer and Trustee)

Abington Community Library Board, Thank you for the invitation to an Appreciation Celebration. I regret that I will not be able to attend. I have many happy memories of my time as a library board member. The most prominent is the cooperation of all the board members and the community to raise funds at the library fair for the library to expand and improve. Best wishes at your celebration. Sincerely, Kathleen Vantine (Former Trustee)

There are too many fond memories of the Abington Community Library to choose just one. Among my favorites: – Using the card catalogs at the library when I was in elementary school. – Getting a letter of Library support from Former First Lady Laura Bush. – Finding out that the Friends’ book sale was successful.- Setting up the Book Nook and making its first sale. One of my fondest memories of the Abington Community Library is watching my kids grow into enthusiastic readers. Both Conal and Katy were always excited to choose books to read at the library and to take home. I credit the Library experience as part of their academic success today. Tricia Richards (Former staff and Friends)

The Library Auction was a fun way for the community to support us in a great variety of ways. The year that Bill Scranton became one of our Auctioneers my family donated two adorable little puppies begotten by our beloved dog, Muffet. The children were proud to assist the Library but sad to be losing such cuddly playmates. (The pride lasted longer.)  Jane Schautz (One of the original Trustees!)

I met and served on the Library Board with three extraordinary individuals who are no longer with us: Julie Tomlinson, Mike Kuchta, Donna Uroskie.  Adrienne Horger (Former Trustee)

South Abington School students and parents helped the students in the first grade support a sale to help build the new library. They filled the windows of the school with paper bricks, until they reached a goal of $2,500!! The children learned and helped support the library at the same time! Unknown

Our fond memory involves getting the library’s history in order. We wanted to do a project to help the library and Leah suggested this – and started bringing out boxes and bags of stuff that had accumulated over the years. (This was in 2006.) After that, we were “afraid” to go into the Library for fear that they would have found some more things. We filled one 3” binder at the beginning but ended up with 2 for each decade. In doing this we discovered the library had opened in 1961 and this prompted a 50th Anniversay in 2011. We also discovered in 2006 that the Friends have been around 25 years.  Sharleen Martin (Volunteer and Friend)

Like everyone I have many fond memories of ACL, mostly attached to the lifelong friendships made here. But, the one that got me started on a real journey was Gerry Rogers inviting me to become a “Friend” at a Book Sale here in 1992. My involvement with the “Friends” eventually led to a part-time job, then a Master’s degree, then Director. Thank you, Gerry… Leah Rudolph (Director)

My first experience with Abington Community Library was as a sophomore at BBC! As an out-of-state student, I never dreamed I would end up as a full-time employee 7 years later. Elizabeth Tarr (Staff)

Children’s Library, Readings, and Sing-a- Longs! Unknown

Several years ago at the State Trustee Institute fate had us at the same workshop seeking ideas to improve our library boards to better serve our communities.  There I met the Indomitable Jan McCabe. We started a friendship and exchanged a positive can-do- attitude which has evolved in a lifetime of service learning for us. We have shared experiences participating on long-range planning studies engaging in trustee collaborations and promoting library advancement. As you well know Jan McCabe is a dynamic force that thrusts libraries forward into the future of limitless possibilities. Congratulations Jan and thank you. Judy Yazinski McMahon (County Library System Trustee)

As a teacher, administrator, and Superintendent of Schools at Abington Heights School District a close working relationship with the Abington Community Library. From School St. to the new Morgan Highway Library from Mary Tuthill to Leah Rudolph, it has been a pleasure and a rewarding experience for over  50 years.” Dr. E. C. LaCoe (Former Trustee)

Among many fond memories of the Library is the time I volunteered at the first “space” – in a little store (now) on State Street. How the people flocked to check out their books!! It was a very exciting beginning for the Abington Library – and a memory I shall always cherish. These boys and girls (among others) are now probably on the verge of being (young) grandparents!! Cheers to all – and may you continue your great service to our community for EVER!! Love and Cheers, Jeanne Bovard (Former Trustee)

My fondest memory will always be the day in October when, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, my family presented a plaque to the library in memory of my wife, Lois Jean, in honor of her many years of volunteer service and it is located in a place of honor in the library. Gene Gallagher (Husband of volunteer)

My fondest memories include all of the people I’ve met, friendships I’ve made and continue to nurture. Barb Smith (Staff)

I will never forget my job interview with Mrs. Tuthill for a part-time circulation position in 2000. That position set me on my path to librarianship. I will remain forever grateful to her for hiring me. I adored helping Mrs. McGrath prepare for craft time. On Thursday evenings, she would give me crafts to cut out and prepare for storytime as well as Make and Take Craft Time. It always amazed me how she could create an owl out of a paper bag, cupcake liners, and a clothespin. She is the MacGyver of craft creations! Sandy Longo (Staff)

I haven’t served on numerous Boards, but the Library Board was the best I served on!” Mary Ann Nichols (Former Trustee)

My favorite memory is watching my grandson finding his father’s book on the shelf.” Milton Friedman (Trustee)

My fond memory was being involved in the process and watching the development of the present landscaping. How the trees and shrubs have grown. How the lovely planters and seating areas are. A joint effort that was happily undertaken. And then came the library reading room! So many choices to be made. And through it all Leah and our fabulous staff were encouraging all the way. What about the new carpeting? Wow!! So much to remember. Thanks. Pudge Adcroft (Former Trustee)

The first time I came to the library in 1971, I was surprised that you could talk. It was the center to gather. Sharon McArdle  (Volunteer)

It’s always a happy and exciting time to participate in storytelling at the Library and it was a wonderful learning experience when I served on the Library’s Board. Chris Arcangelo (Former Trustee and volunteer)

Other favorite memories include times spent with those that I consider to be my library family. No other work environment can compete with the genuine kindness, caring, and teamwork that is exhibited by Abington Community Library staff each and every day. Sandy Longo (Staff)

One of my fondest memories is when I was interning with the library. I have been impressed on the variety of programs and services the Abington Community Library offers the community since Day one. There are programs for any aged patrons, from story time for infants to painting class for adults and so many more program in between. The Abington Community Library is fostering not only reading but educate on various topics. It’s exciting to see how this library has evolved over time. Being able to work with community members who are passionate and willing to share their gifts and talents with the rest of our patrons makes being the adult programming coordinator very rewarding! The enthusiasm and dedication to programming is second to none!  Amanda Marchegiani (Staff)

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