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The State of the Kid 2015 Survey from Highlights Magazine

State of the KidHighlights for Children, believes that listening is one of the greatest services we can do for children. In fact, Highlights  believes that—as grownups who work to make the world a better place for children—it is imperative that we do so. So in 2009 Highlights began turning to it’s readers to ask their thoughts on topics important to their world in its annual State of the Kid™ survey. This year’s survey gives kids a national platform on which to share their feelings on discipline, allowances, and competition. Last year Highlights interviewed some of the Children’s Library kids for the State of the Kids survey. This year Highlights has asked us to participate by having have paper surveys available for the children. The surveys are anonymous however if you’d like to leave your contact information, Highlights’ editors may be in touch with you. The surveys will be at the circulation desk. Last year’s kids were great! I wonder what this year’s answers will be?

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