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Two Successful SRC Kickoff Programs

Superheroes of Science Featuring Professor Klutzo
Children enjoyed bumbling Professor Klutzo’s show featuring a little music, a little magic, a little juggling, and a little ventrilogquism.

IMG_9579          IMG_9574          IMG_9593

IMG_9586          IMG_9592


Superhero Party
Children had fun testing their superhero skills, and getting their photo taken in the photo booth where they could fly over the city.

Superhero Identification Card (Nick)           Mask Making (Olivia)
First we need Superhero Identification Cards, and a disguise (mask).

Superhero Training 2      Superhero Training 1  Villian Bowling

Spiderman 3



Now we can test our superhero skills. Through the ring of fire and tunnel and over the beam in the obstable course (above left and center). Get those villains (above right). Throw the flies in Spiderman’s web (left).



Logan is Strong          The Bat Cave (Logan)
After lifting that boulder, Batman needs an energy boost. To the batcave!




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