So, why DID you come to the Library today?


In February we invited patrons to explain why they came to the Library. The following list, drawn from more than 250 entries, provides a subtle, and often humerous, reminder of all we have to offer, 71 hours a week, at this Library. Tell your friends!

Why did I come to the Library today?

To be graced by words

Because I want a brighter future

To study (homeschool), to read in a quiet, peaceful setting; rent videos; stay informed

Because my brother is at Boy Scouts

To hang up a poster in the lobby. Thank you!

I came to the library today to get permission to post a poster for an event.

Soul searching books; connecting with friends; music, meditation, thank you

I came to the Library today because I wanted to see my Grama.

To see my friends

To see my grandma and get a book

To see Linda

To see Amanda

Tutoring and just enjoying the atmosphere

For Crafters Club

For something to do and to play with the train table

To play on the computer.

To do calculus-based physics

The library helps with Math.

For Crazy 8s math

Math club and kids computers

To work on Egypt Day project with my best friends

It helps me get my memes

To type a report

Because I don’t have an actual office to work out of

To print a ticket out!

To print out a coupon

To study for a new career

I came to work today. How lucky am I?!

Quiet study time!

Help me relax

To do some crocheting.

I came to each my wonderful students Sanskrit. Thanks for this opportunity

I came to learn Sanskrit

To play Mah Jongg

To play the world’s most wonderful game, SCRABBLE, with some of the most wonderful people!

It helps us read better

Helped me learn about things that I did not know during school

To help people save honey bees

For Story Time class. My child likes it very much

Use Wi-Fi


Bought a good book cheap!

To volunteer

To do my homework and print a paper

To learn in my creative writing class

Helps me get new books from the book series I’m reading now!

We came for movies books, CDs, we love the Library!

To return a book and to get books to read on vacation

I just finished listening to the 42 discs of SHOGUN and I feel like I’ve lost a friend. I needed new audio books for my long commute.

We love the DVD rentals, thank you all

I came in for magazines

For clarinet sheet music scores

I have two books on hold

To get a wonderful book for a rainy day!

Return book – get book!

Books. Duh.

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