Libraries Collect for Vets During May

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Memorial Day is often thought of as the beginning of the summer season, but the real meaning of the holiday is to remember those who gave their lives for our country. We should also use the occasion to remember and thank men and women still alive who have served in the military. During the month of May, Lackawanna County libraries are collecting items needed by veterans who reside at the Gino Merli Veterans Center in Scranton.

How to Help:

Monetary Donations:

Groups or individuals may donate to the Residents’ Welfare Fund. The monetary gift will be used to support the many different activities and programs that directly benefit the residents.

The gift may also be designated for a specific need.

Individual or Group Sponsored Program:

Sponsorships can be for bingo, entertainment, parties, luncheon trips or other activities. Individuals or groups may sponsor a program even though they are not present to conduct the program.

Material Donations:

NEW CLOTHING  (men’s  and women’s)
Sweatpants Sweatshirts
Diabetic socks Sneakers with Velcro straps
Belts Suspenders
White or color T-shirts Handkerchiefs
Cardigan sweaters Closed-back slippers
White socks  
Electric razors with and without


Replacement heads for electric


Watches with big numbers Pre-electric shave lotion
Tissues Liquid soap, unscented
Sunscreen Neck pillows
Envelopes (all sizes) Postage stamps
CDs: Big band, polka, and spiritual Crossword and word search books
Large print and paperback books DVD Players
DVDs: comedy, sports, action,

hunting, and fishing

Batteries: AA, AAA, 9-volt, hearing


Portable radio/CD/cassette players All occasion cards
Ink pens and tablets Eyeglasses repair kits


We no longer accept:

Used clothing

VHS videos

Music cassette tapes

Used puzzles

Baby/body powder


We have limited need for:

Lap blankets

Bar soap

Slipper socks

Emory boards

Hardcover books


Cologne and perfume



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