Tasting By The Book II…Coming This Fall! by Carol Rubel

Tasting by the Book, a new concept in fundraising, arrived at the Abington Community Library in October 2015. Resoundingly successful, the event will make a return appearance again this October!

Sharing special food delicacies prepared by local donating cooks not only guaranteed a marvelously varied array of appetizers, entrees and desserts for folks to graze on…but also introduced some unusual and delicious specialty food items to the crowd.

Laura Martinetti, creator of delectable egg rolls as well as an entertaining  and informative blog, Colorful Take Out Queen, shares her reasons for loving our library…as well as where to locate her recipe below:

I think I chose to prepare my egg rolls because they were one of the first items I made — and that inspired my blog! I was so proud of them!  Whenever I had egg rolls, they were mostly made with cabbage and didn’t have a lot of substance.  I changed that with my recipe and some people say that they could be a meal in itself! 🙂

You are welcome to find my recipe for this dish, as well a others,on my website  All you need to do is go to the “search” criteria and the recipe is there.

I was happy to participate in Tasting By The Book when I was recommended as a talented community cook by my friend, Carol. I grew up going to this library.  I want them to continue to provide their services for many years to come.

I enjoyed being part of this fundraiser and meeting new people as well as reconnecting with people who grew up with me.  I hope to be able to share my blog and teaching with local folks …as well as all over the US and maybe overseas !

Stay tuned to the library’s website as well as our social media presence for information about TBTB #2. To become involved, please contact the library and one of the chairs, Angela Weinberg or Amanda Sheptak, will be in touch with you promptly.

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