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Blast from the Past at Maker Mondays

This summer, our Maker Mondays are bringing back many memories as we make nostalgic crafts. Last week, friendships were renewed as we made bracelets using a fishtail braid.

IMG_8503Now you can create your own friendship bracelets!

First, choose your colors. Remember that the bracelet you make will go to your best friend so be sure to choose colors your friend likes!

Step 2: Give yourself 3 feet of yarn for each color, then place the strands together.

Step 3: Bend your yarn (all strands together) into a
“U” shape and tape down the
top part of the yarn on a table to keep the strands in place. (See picture 2 for an example)

Step 4: Make a knot with all of your colored yarn (See picture 3).



Step 5: Separate your yarn so there is a strand of each color on the left side and the right side (See picture 4).

Step 6: Take one color strand(let’s say blue) from the right side, and move it to the left side.

Step 7: Take a different blue strand originally from the left side, and move it to the right.

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 & 7 with each color until your braid is long enough.

Knot the end of your bracelet then tie the two ends together. And voila! You’ve made your very own friendship bracelet! Bring back any memories?

Join us tonight at 7:00 for the next nostalgic craft night.



We’ll be coloring under the sea with adult coloring sheets.

See you there!










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