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referenceUSADo you own a business, looking for a job or an entrepreneur looking to research a market? Try ReferenceUSA! and other great business tools via our Business and Personal Finance eResources today.


Use the Business Database to:

  • Conduct job searches
  • Look for sales leads
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Locate out-of-town companies
  • Find key business people contact information
  • Locate suppliers
  • Analyze competitors

Use their Residential Data to:

  • Plan weddings or family reunions
  • Organize class reunions
  • Find neighbors or long-lost friends

Search the Consumer Lifestyle Database to:

  • Conduct market research
  • Target new customers
  • Discover customer preferences
  • View prospective individual customer demographics
  • Analyze community demographics
  • Identify new residents in a specific area

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