Summer Reading Club Circus

It’s been a great summer for reading and to celebrate your accomplishments, join us for our Summer Reading Club Circus on Friday August 5 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, for children through age 12. Enjoy circus-themed snacks, games, crafts, and activities. Here’s the schedule for this fun event:

6:30 – 7 PM (enjoy activities & prizes)

7 – 7:30 PM (performance by juggler Rob Smith)

7:30 – 8 PM (enjoy activities & prizes, including instruction by Rob Smith)

This will be a great time to turn in your reading club minutes log to receive your certificate and prizes. If you lost yours, please ask for another one and use your best estimate. No prizes will be awarded without this log. To register for the circus, call or visit the Abington Community Library. Can’t make it to the circus? You can still get your certificate and prizes by returning your completed minutes log through August 26.

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