Second Sunday with Friends: Bat Chat! @ the Lackawanna County Children’s Library


Bats frighten a lot of people. They fly around at night when we can’t really see them, and sometimes startle us by showing up in unexpected places. They hang around in a lot of horror movies, and their spooky faces—fangs and all—are everywhere come Halloween.

Whether they scare you or not, bats are important to you—yes, YOU! Some of the plants you eat, such as figs, dates, agave and wild bananas, depend on bats to grow. Insect pests like mosquitoes, moths and crop pests are eaten by bats in great numbers.

CCEEC’s bat program talks about how myth can be very different from reality, touches on the great diversity of bats worldwide (there are over 1,100 species!)  then focuses on the nine species found right here in Pennsylvania. Thank you to the Friends of the Scranton Public Library for sponsoring this wonderful program from the Carbon County Environmental Education Center.

Join us Sunday, October 9th, 2016 @ 2:30PM

Lackawanna County Children’s Library

520 Vine St., Scranton, PA 18509

To register, call (570) 348-3000, ext. 3015


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