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Thank You Annual Fund Drive Donors

Thank you to the following donors who have generously supported this Library for our 2016-2017 Annual Fund Drive. It is this fund drive that helps keep the library excellent and provides the revenue to begin a new year of service to you!
All donors have been invited to a Feel the Love event to be held in February. If you did not receive your invitation, simply call the Library (570) 587-3440 and speak to Barb or Leah as they were Emailed.
Donors through Monday, January 23, 2017 include: Sharleen and Dennis Martin, Cynthia Harrison, Wayne and Joyce Westcott, Peter J. Corinne O’Donnell, Jr., Ruth Yanish – memorial for Lois J. Jones, Kathleen Hoffer, Jane Farr, Doris Lindsley, David and Pat Swisher, Kathy and David Price, Gail Kish, Martin and Adrienne Stopper, Don and Rose Broderick, Jack and Maggie Zaums, Frank Gorsk, Carol and Justus Hoyt, Owen and Carolyn Byrne, Attorney and Mrs. William Steppacher, Richard and Sarah Maurer, John and Chris Arcangelo, Jerry and Mary Tracy, M. Jacquelyn Sandercock, Paul and Adrienne Horger, Abigail Peck, Robert and Patricia Lawless, Jennings/Calvey Funeral Home, Marie Littell, David and Pat Gibson, Linda R. Gensiejewski, Rick and Kathy Emanuelson, Teresa Figlow, Eugene Roe, Sondra Cooperman ,Howard and Rochelle Spizer, Leah and Kenneth Rudolph, Peter and Liana Smith, Madhava and Leela Baikadi, Esther Friedmann, Dalida O’Malley, Kathleen and John D’Elia, Carol Rubel, Janet Trenery McCabe, Robert and Mary Sheils III, Joyce LaRue, Brian D. and Mariellen Kaeb, Janet K. Loewe, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Guza, Ross Family Foundation, Doris Lipinski, Fred and Marlene Campbell, Paul and Barb Smith, Michael and Anne Sucheski, Linda and John Rogers, Sandercocks – memorial Lois Jones, Dominic Scott, Jim and Marie Scott, Jim and Sandy Corselius, Raymond and Maryanne Teed, Mary Jean Curtin, Mr. and Mrs. Hamorsky, George and Jean Misiura, Harvey and Kathleen Williams, Ed and Jane Nuzzaci, Mark and Linda Ross, Michael and Laurie Fleming, Arnie Flam, Robert and Virginia Jones, Kelly Dental Care, Jeanene Nealon, John and Chris Nealon, Priscilla Pancoast, John and Rachel Baildon, Elaine Mercanti, Ruth S. McKnight, Linda L. Schuller, Lois Lewis, Mary Nalevanko, James Fleming, Bernard Harding, Barbara Camarillo, Adeline Fricchione, Thursday Afternoon Scrabble Group, Chrissy Jacoby, Warren and Phyllis Watkins, Donald and Betty Keen – memorial Lisa Krivickas, The Hourihane Family, Leland and Lois Boyce, Gayle Hamilton, Janice and John Zych, James Shemanski, Robert and Carole Wright, Melissa B. Jones, Kimberly Duffy-Wylam, John Menapace, Joseph and Claire Tedesco, Beryl Connolly, James and Alison Cummings, Mr. Phillip Stevens, Mary Schumacher, Richard Fanning, Mr. William R. Tierney, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mahon, Mary C. Schumacher, Richard Fanning, Mr. William R. Tierney, James and Alison Cummings, Phil Stevens, Michael and Nancy Burke, Joanne Stetz, Drs. Douglas and Margaret Sheldon, John Q. Feller, Ph.D, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liples, Dr. and Mrs. Alessandro Smeraldi, Adrien and Mike Lambert, Patrick McMahon, Robert T. and Margaret Curtin Kelly, Christensen Family, Sashko Family, Mary Ann Nichols, Diana and Rich Albright, Jean Foster Siebecker, Richard Davison, Alfred Weinschenk, Jean Foster Siebecker, Richard J. Albright, James and Linda Frangos, Barry and Donna Kaplan, Roy Goodman and Sharry Bufano, Michele and Peter Tierney, Mrs. Theresa Murphy, Christopher and Marietta Police, and several more ‘Anonymous.”
Donors from today on will be recognized on our quarterly donation announcement. You may still  join the growing ranks of donors by mailing a check to the Abington Community Library, 1200 W. Grove St., Clarks Summit, PA 18411 or make a contribution online by clicking here: http://lclshome.org/how-to-help/ and choosing Abington Community Library from the drop-down box. Thank you!
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