The “Try Something New” Book Challenge

Read 4 Books from Feb. 1 to March 31

Want to add a little spice to your reading this year? Read a book with a one word title, a book you can finish in a day, or a book you choose by the look of its cover. It’s a different kind of reading challenge from Lackawanna County Libraries and it’s meant to make reading fun during a time of the year when everyone needs a little whimsy to get through the winter.

There are 22 different categories of books to choose from and they are all listed on the Book Challenge form that you can pick up at the Library. Get out of your comfort zone to discover great books you might otherwise not read.

There are no complex rules for the Book Challenge, just good books. We would like you to tell us what you’ve read, but that’s optional. Stop by the Library to learn more.

A PA Forward initiative promoting Basic Literacy


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