Poetry Series by the Friends of the Scranton Public Library

We’re kicking off National Poetry Month in April with a closer look into the Friends of the Scranton Public Library’s Poetry Series.

This series includes video recordings of various poets reading their poems in front of a live audience. They have been recorded to give future audiences’ the chance to see them time and time again.

You can check out the Poetry Series on DVD at the Albright Memorial Library or by visiting the YouTube channel to instantly watch the readings.

Here is a taste of the Poetry Series from 2012 featuring poet Naomi Shihab Nye.


Below is the complete list of readings from the Poetry Series. Click on the links to view more books and DVDs the library has for each poet.

  1. Paul Kelly, DVD 811.54 KELLY
  2. Galway Kinnell, DVD 811.54 KINNELL
  3. Naomi Shihab Nye, DVD 811.54 NYE
  4. Robert Pinksy, DVD 811.54 PINKSY
  5. David Ray, DVD 811.54 RAY
  6. Jean Pearson, DVD 811.54 PEARSON
  7. Susan Rea, DVD 811.54 REA
  8. Leonard Roberts, DVD 811.54 ROBERTS
  9. Dusan “Charles” Simic, DVD 811.54 SIMIC
  10. Gary Snyder, DVD 811.54 SNYDER
  11. Elaine Terranova and Susan Stewart, DVD 811.54 TERRANO
  12. Marvin Bell, DVD 811.54 BELL
  13. Bruce Weigl, DVD 811.54 WEIGL
  14. Heather McHugh, DVD 811.54 MCHUGH
  15. William Bronk, DVD 811. 54 BRONK
  16. William Stanley Merwin, DVD 811.54 MERWIN
  17. Thomas Lux, DVD 811.54 LUX
  18. Carol Simmons Oles, DVD 811.54 OLES
  19. Etheridge Knight, DVD 811.54 KNIGHT
  20. Gerald Stern, DVD 811.54 STERN
  21. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, DVD 811.54 FERLING
  22. Gerald Constanzo and Henry Braun, DVD 811.54 CONSTANZ
  23. Belle Waring, DVD 811.54 WARING
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