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The teen years are rough. Beyond the growing pains, the cusp of adulthood brings questions and sometimes, a lack of reliable answers. As teens explore their burgeoning adult selves, they actively seek to shape their political, social, and self views.

Teen Health and Wellness offers young adults a place to explore and research the answers to their questions. With sensible information on topics like social activism, depression, loss and grief, nutrition, sexuality, and diversity- THW is a helpful resources for teens. A brief scroll through the website gave me a brief explanation of organ donation and its importance. Another click helped me learn about basic ways to become an activist in my community. Yet another click showed me a video made by teens about the necessity of kindness and how to share it.

As someone who works with teens, I am constantly reminded that they are looking for sound advice and can be cagey about asking sensitive questions. Rather than skirting around hard issues, suggest your teen take a look at the site and then make it a point to discuss it with him/her. The website offers a nice balance of academic information and real stories from teens.

If you have a teen or know a teen or are a teen, take some time to share this website or explore it on your own!


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