Pop Culture Trivia Night

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Are you a Marvel fanatic? Fancy yourself a Slytherin? Can’t get enough of Chewbacca? Sing “Colors of the Wind” at the drop of a hat? If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, we hope you’ll attend the “Pop Culture Trivia Night” on Tuesday, May 29, from 7-8 PM. Gather alongside other pop culture lovers and battle it out to see who knows the most! Trivia will cover Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars. There will be prizes (for trivia knowledge and fabulous costumes) and lots of snacks. Registration required. (Adults 18-34 yrs old)

Take a stab at these questions to test your knowledge. Scroll to the bottom for answers.

  1. What superhero does Chris Hemsworth play?
  2. Snape grilled Harry about this on his first day in Potions. Monkshood and wolfsbane are the same plant, also known as what?
  3. Which hand is Captain Hook’s hook on?
  4. What is the name of Han Solo’s ship?
















  1. Thor
  2. Aconite
  3. His left
  4. Millennium Falcon
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