It’s National Disability Voter Registration Week

This week is National Disability Voter Registration Week. The REV UP Campaign coordinates National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) to make a concerted effort to get people with disabilities registered to vote, educated about this year’s election, and prepared to cast a ballot in November.

Stop in to see our display on Reference across from the Circulation Desk. You’ll find information on important voting dates, voter registration forms and information about National Disability Voter Registration Week.

Why does this matter?
 The disability community has the potential to become a powerful voting bloc – there were 35.4 million
eligible voters with disabilities in 2016; when we include our family members in the same household
that number jumps to 62.7 million eligible voters (about 25% of the total electorate);
 Voting can protect the issues people with disabilities care about (the Americans with Disabilities Act;
Medicaid; accessible transportation; affordable, accessible housing, etc.), especially at the state and
local levels;
 A politically-engaged disability community can make elected officials think twice before they infringe
on our rights, access, and choice to live in the community.

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