New Features Added to Free Online Language Program

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With your library card, you have free access to the Mango Languages, our online database with dozens of languages available to learn. Advance through the levels to learn a new language like Spanish, Mandarin, Danish, and even Latin!

And now, introducing Mango’s brand new learning activities that challenge skill-building, solidify learning material, and turn review into habit. Encounter new vocabulary woven into learned material to prepare for situations in which you’ll need to quickly navigate unfamiliar conversations or more effortlessly recall a wider range of vocabulary. An individualized review system adapts to your individual progress and presents material until you feel confident in your comprehension.

Use the Mango Proficiency Scale to determine your own skill level. Enjoy a new, simplified layout and intuitive navigation.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Find this database, and more, available at

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