Mobile Printing at the Library

Send Your Print Jobs from Anywhere

If you find yourself with a document to print, but no working printer is available, the Library can help.

With our MobilePrint Service™, you can send a print job from your personal computer or mobile device to printers at the library. Just stop at the library to pick it up using your library card.

Best of all, you can send your printing job from anywhere! You don’t have to visit the Library except to pick up the finished work.

The cost is modest. Just 15 to 25 cents per black and white page. Some of the libraries offer color printing at 30 to 50 cents per page. Prices vary according to library.

The service is offered at the Abington, Albright, Carbondale, Dalton, North Pocono, Taylor and Valley libraries. Click here to check it out.

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