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What Brings You to the Library?

During National Library Week, we asked you to tell us why you came to the library that particular day. You shared some great replies, so here are some of our favorites. Look for more later on this week!

“Returning 2 books – take out another one – THANK you for being here!”

“Picked up Bohemian Rhapsody DVD!”

“I love the library because I like books.”

“I read to the dogs!”

“To study my tests and read and focus.”

“Library books and visiting the library are two of the simplest and most comforting pleasures of life.”

“I had nothing to read. I read all my books.”

“I came here today for a class.”

“To print something. What a lifesaver!”

“I needed to use the copier.”

“To find a novel.”

“I need a BOOK! For the dreaded PSSA’s.”

“I came to find Stick Dog.”

“Airline tickets. Books. Education. Fun.”

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