June Collection Helps the Incarcerated

Men & Women at Lackawanna County Prison

To people in prison, little things can mean a lot. That’s why Lackawanna County Libraries are supporting the Project Re-Entry Prison Ministry at Lackawanna County Prison with the June Library Collection.

For men wrapped candy like Lifesavers, hard candy or mini-candy bars are requested. Women need socks, soap, VO5 or Suave shampoo. Toothpaste is on the wish list, and donations of money can help the ministry in its work.

“They have no family, or they have no money,” says Anna Young, of the people she meets at the jail as coordinator of the Project Re-Entry Prison Ministry. You can help with your donation.

Stop by the Library any time during the month of June and find out what you can do to help.

A PA Forward initiative promoting Civic & Social Literacy.

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