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Thank you Annual Fund Donors 2018-2019

Abington Community Library wishes to express sincere thanks to the following 2018-2019 Annual Fund donors. Your generous support is reflected in the valuable programs and resources Abington Community Library is able to offer to patrons of all ages each and every day.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Ames
Lynn Andreoli
Anne M. Armezzani
Tom and Lorraine Artabane
Medhava and Leela Baikadi
Rachel and John Baildon
T.J. and Brenda Bartkowski
Bochan Appraisal Service
Sean and Donna Boland
Lee and Lois Boyce
Dan and Karen Brier
Rosemary and Donald Broderick
Joanne Brunori
Nancy and Mike Burke
Owen and Carolyn Byrne
Barbara Camarillo
Michael and Barbara Carey
Patricia Cembalest
Citizens Savings Bank
Sondra Cooperman
Jim and Sandy Corselius
John and Kathy Craven
Trip and Michele Crowley
James and Alison Cummings
The Davison Family
Dennis and Grace Dawgert
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeCarlo
Dr. Thomas and Barbara Decker
John and Kate D’Elia
Don and Carol Dembert
John and Myrna Diven
Janet Dobson
Joyce and Don Douglass
Jerry and Sheila Durkin
Richard Emanuelson
Diane and Joe Fabbo
Jane Farr
Marian Farrell
The Figlows
Michael and Laurie Fleming
Richard and Beverly Foley
James and Linda Frangos
Arlene Fricchione
Milton Friedman
Barbara and Jim Frutchey
Eugene Gallagher
Gardoski Family
Laura Gardoski
Jennifer Gell
David Gibson
Glenburn Township
Judith and Lawrence Golden
Francis Gorski
Lois Gwozdz
Ton and Ann Hamorsky
Bryan and Carol Harrison
Paul and Adrienne Horger
Carol and Justus Hoyt
Joseph and Cindy Hricko
Ellie Hyde
Joseph and April Jackson
Ivan and Chris Jacoby
Robert and Virginia Jones
M. Patricia Jordan
Marielln and Brian Kaeb
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keen II
Estelle and Dennis Kelly
Donald Kepler
Gail Kish
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Krafjack
Robert Kranick
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen LaRue
Charlie and Connie Leavesley
Carol and Jeff Leventhal
Lois Lewis
Chuck and Doris Lipinski
Lois Lonnie Lipscomb
Virginia Loughlin
Sharleen and Dennis Martin
Lorraine Matechak
Sarah and Richard Maurer
Janet T. McCabe
Tom and Alice McDonnell
Ruth McKnight
Elaine Mercanti
Theresa Murphy
Al and Mary Nalevanko
Jeanene Nealon
Dalida A. O’Malley
Michael and Patti Pallo
Maria and Ernie Pappa
Abby Peck
Kathy and David Price
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Radgoski
Madhava and Prasanna Rao
Lorraine Reboli
Cindy Reynolds
Mary B. Rhodes
Eugene Roe
Mark and Linda Ross
Ross Family Foundation
Rothenberg Family
Carol Weiss Rubel
In Memory of Noelle by Leah and Ken Rudolph
Jim and Marie Scott
Stephen G. Selige
Bob and Mary Sheils
Dr. and Mrs Douglas Sheldon
James Shemanski
Jean Foster Siebecker
Barbara Smith
Peter and Liana Smith
South Abington Township
Howard Spizer
Charles and Joanne Stetz
Martin and Adrienne Stopper
Mr. and Mrs. M. Sucheski
Swift Family
David and Pat Swisher
The Tasker Family
Michele and Peter Tierney
Kay Tomasko
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Tressler
Susan and Leo Tully
Helen and John R. Walsh
Warren and Phyllis Watkins
Angela and Eric Weinberg Family
Kit and Al Weinschenk
John and Connie Weiss
Harvey and Kathleen Williams
Richard and Mary Ellen Winslow
Carole and Robert Wright
Ruth Yanish
Mr. and Mrs. John Zych
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