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Essential Read: Bottle of Lies by Katherine Eban


For most of us, picking up family prescriptions at the local drugstore is just a part of our weekly “to-do” list, and we take them as directed daily in an effort to maintain or improve our health.   A chapter or two into the new book “Bottle of Lies” from investigative journalist Katherine Eban, we are jolted into the reality that we all need to be aware of the conditions under which generic drugs are manufactured overseas and of the system by which they are inspected and approved as safe for consumption.

Bottle of Lies is an intense narrative written through the eyes of the whistle blower struggling to get the FDA to act, jeopardizing his own safety and that of his family, and through the trials of a few tenacious inspectors fighting against the culture and the limitations of their own agency to ensure the safety of the human beings that take generics every day.

Click on the book to listen to an interview with author, Katherine Eban on Fresh Air with Terry Gross!

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