Paw Open a Good Book

Library staff member Laura, here! I’m sharing some of my new favorite dog books, since those are the only ones I’ve been reading lately. I’ve had my dog Charlie for just a couple months now, and he’s inspired me to immerse myself in sweet dog stories. So grab a cup of tea, cuddle up with your best furry friend, and try one of my recommendations below.

Dogged Pursuit: My Year of Competing the World’s Least Likely Agility Dog by Robert Rodi

A Dog Named Boo: The Underdog with a Heart of Gold by Lisa J. Edwards

Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too by Carol Novello with Ginny Graves

Off the Leash: A Year at the Dog Park by Matthew Gilbert

The Possibility Dogs: What a Handful of “Unadoptables” Taught Me About Service, Hope, and Healing by Susannah Charleson

Where the Lost Dogs Go: A Story of Love, Search, and the Power of Reunion by Susannah Charleson

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