New Parking Kiosks at the Albright Memorial Library and Lackawanna County Children’s Library

New parking kiosks have been installed in downtown Scranton and have made their way to the 500 block of Vine Street.  The new kiosks have replaced the traditional parking meters and allow drivers to pay by plate with coins or credit card.

Metered parking is enforced from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.

There is a mobile app, Pango, that is available for smart phones.  Learn more about the app via

A quick guide to the parking kiosks:

1. After pressing the green Start button, enter your license plate number:

2.  A payment prompt will appear. Insert coins or swipe credit card. NOTE: Coins are required if you wish to park for less than one hour.

3. This screen will appear if you used coins. Press Next when done.

4. Confirm your details. If okay, press Next.

5. Choose your receipt option.

For more information about parking in downtown Scranton please visit

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