Serve on The Abington Community Library Board of Trustees

Are you interested in making a positive difference in your community? We are anticipating three (3) vacancies on the Abington Community Library Board of Trustees. All Trustees volunteer their time and talent. We will fill those vacancies with interested and qualified individuals who will begin their first three-year term of service at the monthly Board meeting scheduled for June 1, 2020.
The Board has very recently invested considerable talent and time in assessing and improving the application process and the selection of future Trustees. In the interest of achieving our objectives, including publicizing available Board positions to a wider population of library users and enhancing the transparency, visibility and validity of that process, the application itself has been revised, is now digital and available via the following link
The deadline for completed applications is January 29, 2020. The Board will approve a slate of new Trustees at the Board meeting scheduled for March 2, 2020. The Governance Committee needs the time between those two dates to choose the most qualified applicants based upon the alignment of the applicants’ skill sets and the Library’s goals/needs. Please understand that application is the first step in the process. A completed and submitted application does not guarantee selection. Properly completed applications will give us a group of candidates who we will select for the second step–a face to face conversation with current trustees. The best candidates from that second group will be presented for approval to the entire board in March.
Thank you for your interest in serving your library!

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