Tech to Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with family and friends has been made difficult by Covid-19, but there are several ways technology can help you see and hear people. This post will introduce you to some of these new methods.



FaceTime is a free video calling service built into Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh computers. FaceTime works on both WiFi and cellular connections and uses your devices built in camera/microphone so there is little setup involved. FaceTime calls can be made between 2-32 users of Apple devices. For more information check out these support articles from Apple.


Setting up FaceTime and making a call:

Making group calls with FaceTime:



Duo is similar to FaceTime, but it will work on Android devices, Apple devices and even in web broswers for free. Setup is also simliar to FaceTime, but the service is limited to 8 users at a time.


For more information on Duo visit:


Facebook Messenger

Messenger is built into Facebook on the web and is a separate app on smartphones and tablets. Messenger is designed primarily around having text conversions with Facebook friends, but it also supports video calls for up to 6 people. This is one of the simplest options to connect with others if you are already a Facebook user.


For more info visit:

You can also access messenger without your Facebook feed at:



Zoom is designed as a web conferencing tool that is great for online conferences, meetings, and webinars. It is also one of the most popular ways that businesses and schools have been keeping in touch during the last few weeks. The meeting creator will have more setup to do than with FaceTime or Duo, but viewers just have to download a small application to join a meeting. Zoom also has features for screensharing and presentations, making it a more complete solution. Zoom meetings can have hundreds of users, but meetings with more than 3 people are limited to 40 minute sessions on the free plan.


For more information on Zoom visit:



Discord was originally designed with gamers in mind, but has also become very popular with fan groups and friends keeping in touch. Anyone can setup a server for free and your friends and family can join and leave messages or chat in real time. Discord also include voice chat and screensharing, which has been increased to 50 simultaneous users due to Covid-19.


For more info visit:


We hope you find some of these services useful. If you need help using them reach out to us on Facebook or email



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