Exploring Caves: Virtual Tours

After completing the Escape the Cave: A Digital Escape Room take a virtual tour of real caves and caverns around the world.

Cave of the Mounds , Wisconsin – A natural limestone cave know for it’s beautiful mineral formations.

Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee – One of the most extensive caves in the United States.

Lascaux, France – Famous for it’s prehistoric cave paintings.
You may have to change the language to English on the top right corner. Sometimes it seems to be moving a little fast, but you can pause any time you want. Click on the “i” on the bottom left corner to read more about each room.

Lewis & Clark Caverns, Montana – Famous for a wide variety of impressive geological structures including it’s majestic stalagmites.

Son Doong , Vietnam – The Worlds largest cave. So much to explore in this massive cave. National Geographic provides a high quality tour.

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