Go Green: Plastic Awareness for Families

What is the problem with plastic?  This is the question Sarah Corcoran, from the Sierra Club, and Fawn Contreras, from the Valley Community Library will be exploring with a 3 week online program. Children and families can join in for fun discussions, book readings, and activities focused on understanding and reducing our dependence on plastics. We will be reading a few chapters from the book, “GO GREEN”  by Paul A. Reynolds, at the start of each online meeting.

When: 4:00 PM Mondays, July 6, 13, and 20.

Everyone will then discuss the book, talk about plastic use in our daily lives, create art, and brainstorm solutions for our future. We will be releasing a summary of each week’s activities after the webinar for those who are unable to join us for the entire 3 week session and paper printouts will be available upon request.

The book “GO GREEN” was chosen for it’s empowering message to kids, that even if they are young and don’t feel like they are heard, they are powerful forces. We are excited to be educating on issues mentioned in “GO GREEN” and teaching children how they can become advocates for the change they want to see.
Registration is required please visit the website below to reserve your place in the Google Meet room.
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A weekly breakdown:
Week 1, July 6: How much plastic do we come into contact with each day? What happens to it when we are done using it? Go on a mission to discover how much plastic you have in your house.
Week 2, July 13: What ways can we reduce our plastic? Create works of art with plastic or to raise awareness.
Week 3, July 20: What can we do from here? Learn ways to make your voice heard and start making changes you want to see.
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