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Winter Challenge for Kids, Teens & Adults

At Lackawanna County Libraries Starting Monday, January 11

Get 2021 off to a great start with the “Winter Challenge: Reading Takes You Places,” a seven-week program with books, activities, and engagement for all ages.

With COVID-19 restriction expected to still be in place well into 2021, the Winter Challenges will be conducted virtually for all groups.

Kids: Ages 5 to 11

Books can take you around the world without leaving home. Read 15-20 minutes a day and see how many virtual challenges you can complete.

Teens: Ages 12 to 18

Read what you want when you want. See where it takes you. What else can you accomplish? Online activity challenges will make it interesting.

Adults: 18 and Up

Read a book that features time-travel, is about a refugee, or is set within 100 miles;  learn a recipe from another culture; watch a documentary about a place you’ve never been; or discover a new artist and their work. Do it all from the comfort of home.

Click on the Beanstack app to register and get started. The Winter Challenges ends on Friday, Feb. 26.

A PA Forward initiative promoting Basic Literacy.

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