Blood Drive & Book Sale – 2/12

In partnership with Keystone-Miller Blood Center, the Abington Community Library is hosting a blood drive on Friday, February 12 from 2-7 PM. Blood is desperately needed at the moment! You can register to give blood here:

The staff at Keystone-Miller shared the following sober facts with us:


  • We need 450 units of blood a day to supply our hospitals – we currently have an average of only 121 scheduled per day.
  • Just one trauma victim needs about 100 units of type specific blood – we currently do not have that much of ANY type.
  • The Reality:  If you needed B Neg blood – we only have 8 units on the shelf.  O Neg 28, B Pos 26, AB Neg 6, A Neg 16 and the list goes on!
  • Every single blood type is at Emergency Status.

Lives are at risk. Cancer patients may wait for blood transfusions that won’t come. Accident victims may not get life-saving blood to survive.

The blood we need is here in our community and once donated, stays in our community. Within the next few days we will likely have nothing left on our shelves.  

You can register to give blood here: 

We’re also hosting a book sake where you can buy one bag of books (pre-selected and sorted by genre) for $5 and get one free! Lots of genres available, so make sure to swing by!

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