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Lexivore Podcast, Episode 20 – All Things Digital

Welcome to Episode 20, All Things Digital, in which Renee and Megha explore and explain some of the digital resources available to us – including from our own lovely Abington Community Library, the Free Library of Philadelphia, Libby the library app and the digital collections available through that, and some that are just generally available online.

We also talk about digital reading in general, from ebooks to audiobooks, to reading newspaper or magazine articles online through their own websites, to some of the interesting options available with ebooks that may not be available in print books – like using a special font that helps readers with dyslexia or works that incorporate technology more deeply – like using links to cleverly present a “choose your own adventure” story, including pictures, playlists or videoclips for a multimedia approach to storytelling, or the fun little stories or discussions that can pop up in comments on a work between the readers and with the authors.

Also our next episode will be reading and discussing Matt Haig’s Midnight Library – Get excited, it sounds so interesting 🙂

We hope you enjoy our podcast. You can listen to it Here!

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