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Lexivore Podcast, Episode 22 – Literary Festivals

In this episode of Lexivore, Mary and Renee discuss literary festivals, awards and pilgrimages. We discuss our favorite awards and book lists, some of the biggest literary festivals in the world as well as those close to home, and our own personal literary (wish list) pilgrimages.  We enjoyed chatting about our favorite awards and which books we don’t think award worthy. 

We also briefly talk about library events and programs, including the county-wide Summer Quest program and which programs we are most excited for.  We also chat about what we have been doing and reading, our new plan for rotating podcast recording now that there’s three of us (Megha and Mary next, and we will go from there). And we include a brief teaser for our next episode, where we will be discussing spooky reads for fall with a Special Guest.  

We hope you enjoy our podcast!  You can listen to it Here!

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