Marisa Burke Book Signing Scheduled in Scranton

The Albright Memorial Library will be hosting Marisa Burke on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 6:00 P.M. for a book reading and signing. To register, click the link below, email, or call the Library at (570) 795-4315.

Book Reading & Signing with Marisa Burke

Marisa Burke is a top-rated, local anchorwoman at one of the most respected local ABC affiliates in the country. She enjoys celebrity status, six-figure salaries, a gorgeous home, and beautiful family.

But rather than reporting the news, Marisa suddenly becomes the subject of it when her husband, an admired educator, the father of her two young girls, and the man she truly believed was her loving soulmate, was arrested for unlawful sexual relationships with underage boys. What was even more excruciating, Marisa was forced to endure the shame and embarrassment of anchoring the same newscasts in which the personally gut-wrenching news stories about her husband’s charges were reported.

Marisa Burke’s shocking memoir, Just Checking Scores reveals what happens when a person at the top is brought down by public humiliation into a world of deep despair and what Burke did to channel her suffering and anguish into defiance and strength.

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